PurePro® Sediment Filters

 5 u PP                                                       5 u PP


PurePro Pro Series 2.5" diameter SDF cartridges coreless design is an economical solution to pre-filtration for many applications. Used widely as pre-filtration for RO systems and post-filtration for GAC filters. Also used in applications such as Ice Machines, Film Processing, Beverage, Coffee, Analytical, Wineries, and many other applications.

Item No.
DescriptionQ'ty / Case
 10"x 2.5"  5 micron sediment filter50 pieces
SDF-102501   10"x 2.5"  1 micron sediment filter50 pieces
SDF-202505     20"x 2.5"  5 micron sediment filter25 pieces
SDF-202505    20"x 2.5"  1 micron sediment filter25 pieces


Our 4.5" diameter SDF filters have true step filtration integrated in its design. Utilizing our technology to create 4 separate layers of micron filtration, our outside-in flow allows the outer layer to trap the larger micron particles with a much lower pressure drop.
Step-by-step, trapping the larger particles layer-by-layer, allows our SDF filters a much higher dirt holding capacity than standard spun polypropylene and string wound cartridges.

Item No.
DescriptionQ'ty / Case
SDF-104505 bigblue  10" x 4.5" sediment filter20 pieces
SDF-204505 bigblue  20" x 4.5" sediment filter 10 pieces


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